I've always liked rules that could be quickly learned and easily played, without forever needing to refer to charts and tables and lists etc. I have no patience with rule sets that claim super complicated game mechanics are required to achieve accurate results, or that 'realism' depends on having long lists of tiny combat modifiers. To me, these games are like pulling teeth. I believe the complexity in a game should come from the interaction of the game mechanics and player decisions, not from having to micromanage the rules.

However, I also demand that a game gives the proper results for the tactics, and the right 'feel' for whatever time period I'm playing. Simple doesn't mean simple minded. I don't like games that use silly game mechanics to resolve important aspects of a game. I also believe that wargame rules should aspire to be more than just 'fun', they should at least attempt to portray the events of the battlefield. To be 'realistic', I feel a game needs to accurately reproduce the range and probability of outcomes from the actual situation, and the game mechanics should try to give the illusion of modelling the real events in miniature.

I want both. So what I've tried to do with these rules is achieve a balance. I know I haven't completely succeeded. The game mechanics result in a game where you can see a realistic ebb and flow to the battle, yet are simple enough that you'll probably have them memorised by the end of the first game. 'Beer & Pretzel' gamers may find them too serious, and 'dedicated' gamers may find them too simplistic. My intent is to (hopefully) share these rules with those of us 'in between'.

Space Fleet Combat Darkage/Medieval Mass Combat Corp/Divisional ACW
A simple (but not too simple) set of starship combat rules, which allow huge fleets to engage each other in epic battle, and finish in a reasonable amount of time. Rules which use old fashioned game mechanics to create a mass combat game system that's fast, fun and easy to play. A very different kind of simple ACW rules, where the grand sweep of Corp level actions can be recreated without sacrificing the use of regiments.
Last Updated Oct 08/2004 Last updated Dec 8/2009 Last updated June 6/2011

Simple Skirmish Rules DBA 4 AWI Starfighter Combat
Generic skirmish rules for simple tabletop games, fast convention games, or as a simple replacement for overly complicated combat rules in your otherwise favourite game. A variant of the simple DBA rules for use in playing games of the American Revolution. Fast and furious generic star fighter combat.
Last updated Mar 22/2018 Last updated Aug 5/2009 Last updated Jun 30/2017

Napoleonic Sail WW2 Armour & Infantry Combat War of 1812
Simple rules for Napoleonic naval actions. Rules for small scale units to recreate large scale actions for WW2. Company level actions for War of 1812 armies.
Under Construction Last updated July 30/2015 Under Construction

Against the Dark Gettysburg 1863
Fantasy suppliment for the 'Into the Dark' medieval mass combat rules. A very simple board game that recreates the epic battle of Gettysburg 1863 at the army level.
Under Construction Last Updated Jan 4/2010